Travel Guide

Welcome to our Travel Guide Bhutan. Here you will find answers to all your questions when travelling in Bhutan.


  1. Clothing & Personal Care :

If you are travelling to Bhutan in winter, the sun and the wind in Bhutan can be very harsh, therefore the following is recommended :-


~ apply sun block at all times (spf40+).

~ bring along a sun hat or a baseball cap.

~ a pair of sun glasses.

~ a moisturiser.

~ a lip balm.

~ a down/thick winter jacket.

~ a thermal or a sweater for inner wear.

~ woollen cap/muffler/gloves & a pair of socks.

~ good pair of jeans/long thick trousers.

~ a good pair of walking/trekking shoes.

~ While electrical blackouts are rare, we do suggest bringing flashlight

~ Games that you might want to play ( card games, board games, foot ball etc)

 ~ Yoga mat (if you would like to do yoga practice at Nirvana)



  1. Power Supply & Mobile Phone

~ 220/240V



  1. Photographer Tips :

~ make sure you have enough memory cards for your camera / mobile phones

~ make sure that your camera / mobile phone battery are charged daily



  1. Road Travel :

~ As Bhutan is a mountainous country, the roads are winding through the valley, river and mountains. As such those of you who suffers from motion sickness are advised to consult your doctor and carry prescribed anti-motion sickness medicine.



  1. Water Use :

~ There is shortage of water in most parts of Bhutan. While, we do have underground water tank storage at Nirvana Lodge, we  request our guest to contribute positively to water saving efforts. Minimise on leaving the tap running while shaving / brushing or washing hands.



6.Documents Required To Enter Bhutan :

~ Indian Nationals do not require visa, instead a permit will be issued at the entry points on production of a Passport (validity at lease 6 months to expiration), or a Voter ID along with 4 nos. of passport size photographs.



  1. Restricted Areas In Bhutan :

~ if your travel plan involves tour beyond Dochula pass, to Punakha and onwards to east Bhutan or to Chelela Pass, you are required to obtain a special permit from the Immigration Office Thimphu (no charge will be applicable for this permit). This permit will be issued once the guests have entered Bhutan. Please note that the Govt. Offices remain closed on Saturday, Sunday & on Govt. holidays.



  1. Tobacco Products :

~ Sale of Tobacco and tobacco products are banned in Bhutan.