Welcome to Nirvana Lodge


Thank you for booking a getaway with us. We look forward to hosting you at our property. Before coming please do note the following:

Prior to starting your journey:

Check-In & While at hotel

  • Fill in guest form & produce proof of Identification
  • Kindly inform staff with regard to meals in advance. If dinner is required, they will have it packed. That way our staff can also get off early to relax. J
  • Kindly switch off lights when not in use, to conserve electricity. We appreciate it. 
  • Suggested activities (https://nirvana.bt/videos/) The Shilpa Yoga for Complete Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul is ideal for practicing at Nirvana.


  • Kindly make payment at checkout. It can be made by cash, of paid into our hotel account number- BOB Account no: 201961557 or BNB account no: 0100096876001
  • Please do share your reviews, photos and videos of your stay to [email protected]

Other related information:

  • Do note that no events or parties are allowed at our premises (due to COVID-19 situation)
  • The gate will be locked by evening. In case you need to go outside the premise, please contact the hotel staff for them to open the gate.
  • Kindly note that while the manager stays within the hotel campus (in the nearby house,) while other staff stays just outside the premise.

For any assistance, please feel free to contact the following numbers:

  • Dorji, Reception – 1779-2862
  • Sita, Manager – 1783-6608
  • Aita, HouseKeeping – 1766-0311
  • Echaram – 7720-6364

We hope you have a pleasant stay.

Nirvana Lodge Family