Shooting a movie in Paro

A week-long stay at Nirvana Lodge and Home stay; an experience, so priceless

So, I and a crew set off to Paro to shoot a short movie. Amidst the drudgery of everyday work at my station, it was a nice getaway to a far-off place. We were to put up at Nirvana Lodge and Homestay during the entire shoot. As a person who doesn’t even get a really good deal of time amidst work, I didn’t have much to ruminate over the place.  

Most of the places in Paro looked deserted as people religiously avoided crowds to ward off the pandemic. No high profile feelings overtook me as my friend drove through a narrow road, just before we reached the diversion to Taktshang base. But then, what I saw next shocked me. The place conquered my lethargic disposition; a sense of peace and tranquility took over me.

The winding road through a slope gave way to an exotic peaceful plain. I suddenly imagined that I was in the plains of West coast.  It just didn’t have the lush blue sea.

As the road approached the entrance of the lodge, lights glimmered through shrubs. It felt as though they gazed at us without a blink. Through the fringes of a mixed orchard, which had apple, peach, pear, all together in one place, a brisk view of a traditional home approached us with zeal of ecstasy. We couldn’t wait to be home!

We were dressed so casually, but then, the place offered us profiles of gallant knights, from a faraway land. We walked inside to the lobby.

WOW! Diligent tasks of traditional and contemporary architects surrounded us. It didn’t had the luxurious wall paintings, the set-up at the lobby didn’t have the most expensive cushion, the staircase didn’t shine with dazzle, but the simplistic cozy it wore overwhelmed our hearts with so much warmth. I didn’t feel that homely, even in my own home! For a while, we even forgot that there was a sweet woman at the counter. She was greeting us feverishly.

The staircase spiraled, giving way to all the luxurious and spacious rooms. At the centre through the roof were prayer flags, making a cone with string attached to the circling hallway. That was the first place I have come across in my entire life, with spiritual presence, just outside your own bedroom.

Nirvana -as much as the name makes it out, the place offers affordable and beautiful rooms. From the least knowledge I have, it has deluxe doubles and standard suit – perfectly designed for groups and families. The view through each room, especially the ones to the North side will make you want to go out instantly; luxury of nature is so lavish there.

It’s run by a family. They are known well from humbleness and welcoming trait they possess. Trust me, you will feel like a member of the family, within no time.  They remain available for you, anytime. Our team specifically wanted lots of things and set-ups for the movie, and trust me, the owner, Mr. Jigme readily gave us everything. He wouldn’t want us to give him a helping hand and he is less bothered.

“When you have come to us, seeking a place to stay, we give you a home,” he said this every time, we said we were sorry for troubling. He always wears a smile that will melt your heart.

We had lots of time to run around, lay down in meadows, appreciating the scenic and natural beauty it has captured. The place is so ideal, especially if you have children who like to run around a lot.

As for the food, since we worked out most of the time, even till late hours, we didn’t have much memories about eating in our new home, but the few times we were offered did justify the taste and flavor of traditional cuisine. They also offer continental dishes as well – it all depends your taste and its all there – before you.

We didn’t have much plan to shoot in the lodge, but we landed up doing almost the entire indoor scene in the lodge, and you exactly know why. That’s what I call making hay while the sun shines.

So one entire week it was, and we had to come back. We felt like we were going to a faraway place from home. We carried our heavy hearts as we left behind the most lovable place and people we have ever known.  

But then, with bountiful memories, we will always find our way home – one time or the other, because we can’t afford to lose a place that offers you the best memory in life.

Thank you Nirvana, for offering us with bountiful luxury of comfort.

Rigdrol Films and team